Open Source is not Confined to Linux

I read an article today on My Broadband with the opening paragraph:

With the South African government pushing the use of open source software and businesses realising the benefits of open source, the demand for IT staff with Linux skills is growing.

I know this article has more of a Linux Operating System slant, but open source software is not confined to Linux. There are hundreds of open source applications for windows too. As a software developer our technologies we use are mostly from the open source world. Some of the software is unrivaled from the comerical world. Tools like Subversion (Source Control), nHibernate, nAant are some of the best known multi-platform tools. Everyone knowsn MSN, Paint and Winzip, but few windows users know Pidgin, Gimp, 7zip as free superior alternatives to the aforementioned respectively.

My daily tools that are opensource which I find indespesable are Prrogrammers Notepad, Free Download Manager, InfraRecorder, DVDFlick, Sharpdevelop and many more.

These are ALL opensource apps for windows. 99% of them can be found at . Another good open source site where Microsoft has been publishing some of their tools and applications is Google also has its own repository at

Just thought I would add another perspective to Open Source and that its not confined to Linux and differnt flavours of operating systems under it.

Having said that, I like believe that world will one day be ruled by Linux and Android. 😉