New meaning to the phrase “Dumb Luck”

You’ve heard people say “But I never win competitions, so why should I bother”.   Then when asked of those that have won a competition : “How did you do it?”, they might reply “Dumb Luck”.

I used to be the former and now I’m of the latter.

My wife always wins competitions because she’s always entering them.  So I decided to do the same and start entering competitions, especially the easy “SMS your answer to … “

My luck turned.

I won the exact same game in 3 different competitions in 3 months.    Below is evidence:
Picture 012 (Large)

The source of the competitions:

  1. Facebook (click here for the competition link)
  2. Digital Life Magazine
  3. Essentials (my wife subscribes to this magazine, honest)

As you may have noticed, the only dodgy detail is that Essentials are giving away games that are 8 years old (the PC game on the far right of the picture).

Makes one think why publishers are flogging Tiger Woods games 😉