Euro Decking, the Best Composite Decking Installer in Cape Town

Home improvements is a mixed bag of good and bad experiences, especially when it comes to employing the services of a builder.    I had the fortune of having a sizable deck installed by possibly the best person in the Cape Town area.

Euro Decking, run by Joris van Turenhout, installed my deck with the most professional service I have ever seen from a builder/installer.    I was extremely impressed; from the day he pitched to provide a quote, to the very last day when he finished the deck and picked up the last stray screw when sweeping the work area clean.

The reason I can compare him to other decking installers, is because I had the misfortune of briefly employing another installer who botched the initial decking structure and lied about several matters.  I could no longer tolerate the constant delays, lies  and poor effort anymore, so I decided to forgo my deposit with the previous installer and find another installer.   I don’t want to defame the installer publicly on the internet, so if you would like to know the name of this person/company, please contact me via the contact page.

Firing the previous installer was the best thing I could have done.   Turns out that I’m not the only one that has employed Joris to come and fix the botched work from the very same previous builder (who’s name we do not speak of).

Joris’ professional demeanor, excellent workmanship really impressed me.  The deck I know proudly own, is a true masterpiece, showcasing the brilliant composite decking product from Eva-Last.   Joris offered fantastic advice along the way when the project plan needed to deviate slightly.  Even after the project, he kept in contact and obliged my additional requests.

If you’re in the Cape Town area, I highly recommend that you only use Euro Decking.

Below is a gallery of the completed deck (click on the image to zoom)