Don’t Generalise

Have you ever stumbled up at some ungodly hour of the morning to take a leak and return to bed with your mind taking on a mind of its own.

It racing with all sorts of thoughts and ideas and you can’t fall asleep again.

I had one of those recently and I thought of something quite profound. It was so profound that I googled it later to see if I was maybe the first to think of it.

Turns out its been used in lyrics in some arb song before.

It probably sounds corny now but it sounded brilliant in the early ours of the morning. Anyway this is my profound thought:

When you generalise, you could be spreading general lies.

How often do we exaggerate the truth to support our story? Its so easy to lie if the person you’re speaking to isn’t an authority on the facts.

That’s my epiphany. I hope to never generalise by spreading general lies.